wtorek, 11 grudnia 2012

Help needed!!!

Well I don't do this very often but one of my good friends needs some help & as I feel that I have good people here on my friends list would like to ask for a little helping hand.
I'm a single mom so I know how they're feeling now... Some friends helped me in my dark moments and I want to help too! I just can send a Christmas Card, but it's means a lot for this ppl!
Nicole is a lovely vibrant person with a heart of gold and if she could ever help you she would. She has overcome lots of difficult things in life already and is a credit to herself and family. I myself am very proud 
of her achievements. Her and her boyfriend have 8 wonderful children with little financial support at all, Her 8 kids are looking forward to Christmas so much but she doesnt know how in her heart to tell them they cannot afford to eat a big dinner like most of us let alone for them to have gifts and the young ones still believe in Father Christmas. I have suggested that maybe if we could all find it in her hearts to send a card to each of the children that at least they would have something to look at, and maybe I have some people who could send a small gift or just anything at all to brighten their day at this late stage.

Nicole is in the US. PLEASE, look around and see if you have an unwanted gift...anything that you could send. BUT please send a card...inbox me for details:

The older kids are worried about the younger ones and this is a very loving family that deserve some hope. Please help if you can in anyway possible. I have all the details if you PM me ...Thank you!


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