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Dolls Collectors Of The World 2.

Dziś wspaniała osoba, z którą mam dobry kontakt. 
Uwielbiam jego zdjęcia i blog! Zapraszam do czytania! :)


Hey! Today, a great person, with whom I have a good relationship. 
Lots of us know his blog:
I love his photos and blog! 
I invite You to read, watch and mail me with your collection here:

1. Please, introduce yourself - name, place of origin / residence.

I am Stratos Bacalis, I come from Greece and live in Thessaloniki, its 2nd biggest city.

2. How long do you collect dolls?

I started in 2000, when I bought a Sandy (Grease) Olivia Newton-John doll from Franklin Mint.

3. Since when you did your passion?

I have always been fascinated with dolls, ever since I can remember myself. Fashion became a huge interest in senior high school and I managed to study fashion design and pattern making along with my university studies.

4. Favorite doll company - why exactly this?

I think most of my dolls are Integrity dolls, I love their style and they are within the price range I can still afford. I also love Syarites but their price range makes them unattainable for the time being.

5. Your doll No. 1. Has she always been the first one?

If I have to pick only one, which is very difficult, it would have to be my first one, my Olivia Newton-John as Sandy from Grease from Franklin Mint. In fact I own three of them!

6. Have you achieved everything in the collection? What are your plans for the future?

A collection is never finished! There will always be new exciting dolls waiting to become a part of it. I do have some plans for the future but they are still a bit secret so I cannot tell!

7. What do you like most about your hobby?

Photographing the dolls of my collection is my favourite part.

8. Do you sew, taking pictures, creating furniture?

I take pictures.

9. How many dolls are currently in your collection?

Around 200 I think, I have never counted them all.

10. Did you attend conferences / meetings / doll convents? If so, what do you like most about them?

No never, they usually take place in the US and so I cannot afford the expenses. I would need almost half my yearly salary to do it.

11. If you have a blog/ page etc how long are you writing?

I do have a blog, it started in March of 2007.

Thank you so much STRATOS for sharing your doll story with us! I love your blog and your pictures!

All photos in this post are copyright and courtesy of Stratos Bacalis.

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